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Appleish Dual - 1.4

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The long awaited release
by NewD and WRussell1989

"Appleish Dual"

Sign in and pay the $1.99 for--
The ultimate weather iWidget
running in XenHTML
called DUAL because it runs on either
WidgetWeather OR XenInfo-YOU CHOOSE!

This little widget packs all the weather
info you'd ever need

and without the need any touch areas.

Fashioned after Apple's own weather
widget but with so much more:

• Sunrise Sunset colums
• 3 hourly forecast columns
in 2hr intervals
• 3 daily forecast days
• Expanded location data especially
with Free Google API key
• Expanded weather data especially
with Free DarkSky( API Key
• 3 additional weather data positions
at bottom, one of which will cycle
through all data you don't choose
for the other 2..

Read the ReadMe enclosed
to see all that it can do. 

For support or to interact with
NewD or WRussell1989

visit the Jailbreak and Widget Help
Discord Server here:


1.4 Fixed a small ajax call issue on the XenInfo side of the widget that was making address data and city fail for some users. Also, the weather condition problem, worked around for in 1.2, now fixed in XenInfo. So original call re-established.

1.3 Added a new Widget.plist for those of you on Plus iPhones or XSMAX. Change the one currently named "for_Plus_XSMAX" to "Widget.plist" and get rid of the other one currently named Widget.plist ONLY IF you're on a Plus sized phone or XSMAX. Also added iOS10 compatibility

1.2 Quick workaround for Weather Condition being dead in the update for XenInfo - will change back when XI fixed

1.1 Added two new config elements - 1) for Blur off at night only.. if you're using DayNight walls. And 2) added a config for your choosing the distance in pixels the word forecast will appear below (or above, with a negative number,) the widget. Other minor touchups to the code. Remember to go into Filza and click on the little 'i' next to the widget folder and then choose Sticky and change permissions to 0777 so that you can use the Settings feature in XenHTML to change the config elements.

1.0 Initial Release


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