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BAW V2 Widget Pack - 1.12

3.82/5 (103 votes).

A package of 6 BAWv2 widgets
contributed by the great:
Elise, Hoffiu, Kristatos and Am80mA


• Added made an error in Am80mA and Hoffiu's LS widgets in the config.json. They wouldn't list correctly for you. Fixed here! If you'd already changed something in your Personal_Settings file.. It will be named Personal_Settings_bkup.js after this update. You can rename it to Personal_Settings.js to get any of your changes back. :) You're welcome! :) 
• Added a new fabulous widget by Kristatos that I did a lot of modding too. You'll love.
• Lots of Settings cleanup in these widgets and the addition of the Personal_Settings.js file. Config.js is dead now if you see it still in the BAW widget folders.


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