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Build-A-Widget V2 - 2.31

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Build-A-Widget just went to a whole new level!!!
Overlay Boxes for blurring background and
magnificent Gradient Colors too!
A new Welcome Message for your screen!
All designed in the Settings window!!
Auto adding of new Fonts to css for you!!
And Coming Soon..
Music Players and App Launching!!

Only a $1.00 upgrade for Previous owners of

As always - for questions, join NewD's original
'no drama' Discord Server at:


• REALLY BIG update here!! Config_extra.js GONE. And there's now a Personal_Settings.js file in /Library/Application Support/Widgets/Resource Packs. This file took the remaining aspects of Config_extra.js that you'd want for ALL of your widgets, like the date order in Europe and the way you want to see temperate - and placed them to now be accessed in ALL your BAW widgets. Change those things in Personal_Settings.js now. 
• Added place names to Personal_Settings if you want your Address to show "Mom & Dad's" or a friend's house name when you're there. Self-explanatory in Personal_Settings.js at bottom
• Did some cleanup to Settings especially in CLOCK -clearer now.

2.21DON'T WORRY WHEN YOU SEE THE CONFLICTS/REMOVE message with UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander.
This is by design to return your UniAW_XH2_V2_Base folder to normal again... and it will also put a copy of the BAW1 expander where it should be so your older widgets with UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander will still work. If you changed anything in the cPresets folder - you can certainly make a copy of that folder elsewhere before you update to 2.21.
• Added MoonPhase addition to any setup in the Extra1 or Extra2 sections
• Made sure that OverlayBoxes had a conversion factor for BAW Auto Size mode as well so they wouldn't be overly large on the older pre-notch phones
• Made sure the buildawidget_inject.js file installed with BAWv2 so those older widgets would still work for you who bought BAW1. I wrote a patch so you shouldn't see any Cydia red errors when installing - but if you do - you can ignore. 

2.1 Mostly a maintenance update:
• Fixed a bug that was making widgets break on pre-notch phone that hadn't specified any myNewFonts
• Added the ability to specify Vertical Flow of overflow text for City, as is a choice with Address and SingleLineDate on 2 lines: Down from Top, Stay Vertically Centered, Up from Bottom.
• The new Overflow boxes needed some tweaking with BAW AutoSize on - on the pre-notch phones. They had too much height for the older phones in comparison to >=iPhoneX. Added a function to adjust for that.

2.0 Initial release of Version 2


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