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UniAW2020_Orient_Express - 1.3

3.68/5 (138 votes).

Take your seat on the most elegant train
in history,

place your things on the wooden shelves,
look through the train car's ornate window
enjoy watching beautiful landscapes
in different weather conditions.
Legend Widget Creator,
Morkino, from MMi fame,
teams up with NewD
for this newest widget!

Questions? Visit NewD’s Discord server:


1.3 Added the SpecialDayOn switch.. So you can turn off the Christmas/New Year's message if you wish - in settings or config.js
1.2 Morkino added some new stunning weather walls. ReadMe file for iPhX updated with the HomePlus settings
1.1 Added the promised 5x2 Iconoclasm layout for nonX phones, minor code changes, updated ReadMe files, cleaned up css files
1.0 Initial Release