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UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander - 1.31

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will make you a WIDGET MODDER!

Thanks to the new Settings window implementation
in XenHTML, moving things around the screen
just got WAY easier!!

This Expander Package, if you don't have it already will install UniAW_XH2_V2_Base in your Universal folder and injects into that file turning the Settings window into a POWERFUL Modding Tool!.

Please read the top read me in the file to learn all about how to build your own widget, WITH or WITHOUT the animations from UniAW. If you prefer the simple look this is ALSO for you!
Come to the Jailbreak and Widget Help Discord server for some help if you're having any issue!


1.31 - June 28, 2021
• A bad line of code that was breaking some widgets. Fixed here.

 -June 28, 2021
• Many updates here - the most exciting is the BAW Auto-Size switch which when switched on - means whether you're designing on a preNotch phone or iPhoneX and after.. as long as you make all your adjustments AFTER flipping that switch on - the widget settings you export to your config.json will auto size on all phones. We had this in UniAW - but it wasn't something attainable in BAW before 1.30
• Hourly Forecast is now fully available in 1.30 with all that Daily Forecast had in 1.22.
• In both Daily and Hourly you'll have the ability to set all the container width and height parameters whether for vertical or horizontal. Makes tweaking a forecast from just 2 days up to 10 or 2 hours up to 12 hours however you'd like. The sky is the limit on your design. 
• Added backgrounds and styling to forecast blocks.. More style changes coming!
• Added SLANT (in degrees) to the forecasts too!! 
• This one took a lot of time because of how 'locked down' forecasts were in Ian/Dacal's original design. But I BUSTED them open for us!! 
• Your older widgets should only need a MINOR adjustment.. But DO NOT click on the BAW Auto Size Switch for them unless you want to update all settings and positions for that older widget.. Which you CAN do. 
• Any more questions.. come to my Discord and ask away!
Enjoy this massive update! Special thanks to Hoffiu and Kristatos for all their hours of testing for me. 

• One bad variable in the injector file was causing widgets to break when you turn on the Color switch for Weather Description in Settings. Fixed here. 
• Fixed a syntax error in the postrm file for when you uninstall BAW that would have caused errors in Cydia/Zebra. Minor update here. No widget interruptions

• Made several items from Style.css available again to modders. They were being suppressed in earlier version. But this could make things like #feelslike and #humidiy and #hourlyForecastReappear in some of your BAW widgets. Read the ReadMe to fix up. This shouldn't happen again.
• Enabled Hiding of AMPM in 12 hour time
• Added TEST_MODE to its own TAB in config.json
• WeatherWallHeight added to Wallpapers TAB
• Made sure rainContainer and fogContainer pop out of animations container so that can flow over whole screen if you choose that
• Added a switch for putting rain/snow/fog UNDER you wall overlays if you prefer that look to being on top of the wall layer like the old iWidgets look some prefered. Your call now in the Animations Tab in Settings.

1.20 Many updates here..
• Text Shadow off if you want to add your own in Style.css.
• Show_Me_Ian if you really want the old Ian Style sheet back.. This one's not moddable
• Slanted (Rotated) text if you wish. Rotate +/- 180º 
• Animations on/off switches now all in Animations Tab (Wiper, Rainbow, Balloons, etc)
• Special Options tab now moved to top at popular request
• A few more text alignment Right, Left, Center controls added

1.01 Just rewrote READ ME documentation for clearer explanation how to save all your changes and share widgets made with BAW. Minor code clean up.

1.00 Initial Release


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