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UniAW_XH2_V2_Base - 2.05-2

3.71/5 (409 votes).

The next iteration of the legendary UniAW -
chocked full of new features
but zero additional battery drain!

NEW Wall Mod Design Changes
getting ready for the rollout of:
UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander
a new expander package designed for the
average user to make their own mods!!

NEW Combo Forecast!!
Updated for new sizing of iPh12!
FONTS? We got it now!
CURVED TEXT? We got that too!
RESOURCE PACKS? Read about that too!
ANALOG CLOCK now shows 24hr Time!
(Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Indonesian,
Vietnamese & Croatian added)

V2 comes with LOADS of new feature

Come and join the discussion at the 'original' no-drama discord server for Jailbreak help, widgets and themes:
"Jailbreak & Widget Help"


• If you went into Settings in 2.05-1 and changed anything - you'd notice the collapsing of the forecast line so all items were on top of each other on the Left. This update fixes that problem by moving the individual forecast moving config items to their own new file called Config_forecast.js. You'll enjoy having these items on their own. If you're a Build-A-Widget Expander user - please reinstall BAW after doing this update to get things back to normal there. BIG new update to BAW coming shortly. V2!! Be on the lookout!

• Missed one silly variable in Config_extra.js - a new one that allows placement of the House Number AFTER the Street name for certain places in Europe and Asia where that's the preference. 

• Mostly a maintenance update for some older code. Found that only the moveSunOrMoon function need be called end of observeWeather() function for sun and moon to move properly in XenHTML2. The CheckCondition() function was a leftover from the WidgetWeather days.. no longer needed. But I left code there in main.js if you ever sense something wrong with sun/moon movement accross sky. 
• Several European users asked for a Street before House Number option for addresses. I added that variable in Config_extra.js
• Added a variable for hiding AM/PM in 12 hour time for the new #DigitalReadout option BuildAWidget users wanted. No change for non-BAW widgets
• Separated the 'vert' variable for vertical forecasts into vert (daily), vertH (hourly) and vertM (moonphase), again, for BAW user implementation (buy on my repo! You'll LOVE it). 
• Moved some things from Config_extra.js back to Config.js and vice versa to prepare for the day when Config_extra becomes a file called personal_settings.js and lives in resource packs; in there will be the variable of widget that you like the same for ALL your widgets (unique address changes, clock optional settings, separator punctuation, etc). So the things remaining in Config.js will be UNIQUE TO EACH WIDGET. And the things in personal_settings.js will be things for YOU the USER that you want the same in ALL widgets. 

• Still issues were throwing logs with the animations.js. More updates here for that. A few Style.css items needed tweaking to work more efficiently with UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander
• The #Digitalreadout element needed a more intelligent way to deal with am/pm. Might still need to tweak it again. This way is better. BAW going quite well. Thanks for supporting!
• Other code cleaining and tweaking. 

• Couple people found a bug in animations.js where I'd left the old if (mainStyle == 'top') with the dandelion function that needed to be if (animationsSmall == true). Caused some weird battery images appearing when Wind Effect kicked in. Fixed now! Those few of you who've already purchased UniAW_Build-A-Widget Expander will need to reinstall it in Cydia/Zebra to get rid of some errors you may now see. Sorry. This is one of those "rip off the bandage moments" that would have caused headaches down the road. Hope people new to Build A Widget weren't working on your most amazing widget ever and now I've killed it. Only 6 purchases so far! Thanks! 

• Sorry again.. The 2.01 update made things worse in animations.js. Fixed now. Though those who see an error in logs having to do with "sun" - you'll just have to live with it. None of my other debuggers show an error. And it's not causing any problems with the widget at all.
• This update also finally adds the Single_Text_Line_Forecast "off" switch.. which I forgot to add all the way back in 1.40. Done here. That switch in Settings (or config.js) now works. :) 
• Added back the wrussell1989 imageless battery bar Style.css stuff which somehow got lost in the move from 1.40 to 2.00. 

• Sorry - small error in animations.js was throwing errors in XenHTML Logs. All fixed up. 

• Loads of updates here.. The way walls are pulled and you choose between small animations and large animations and call walls gets a significant update here to get ready for NewD's new Build-A-Widget Expander designed for the average user to become a modder without ever opening a single code file. ALL FROM SETTINGS! Keep watch at NewD's Discord. Invite listed above. The old "top" style sheet still in Css folder but you have to rename to Style.css to use and choose animationsSmall = true and useAnOverlay in Config.js

• Biggest change here is the new condensed Forecast window. 2 days of daily, next 6 hours condensed to 3 panes and 1 moon phase. If you like the old way in Settings turn off useComboForecast and the old way with the touch areas for each comes back! Enjoy this! Was a LOT of work! You coders will find a wonderful matrix to do whatever you want with forecast positioning - even vertical forecasts made easy in Config_extra.js. Check in out!
• Also big: for you iPhone 12, 12mini, 12Pro & 12ProMax users. UniAW_XH2_V2_Base now detects your phone size. 
• Animations.css files modded to allow for snow and rain to fall lower on the 12Pro/12ProMax screens
• Other code clean up.

1.30 -
• Added reverse text languages: Hebrew & Arabic (took a long time for these)
• Add new configurable scroll box. Check Config.js for how to add the series of numbers for the scroll
• Added rain to snow calculations for the 24hr precip as the feed only gives inches or cm of rain.
• Fixed a MAJOR bug that was preventing the sun and moon position from moving across screen during day. You needed to respring. All fixed now. (This one alone is worth this update)
• Added a couple alternate layers for "top" style sheet. Turn on Alternate_Layer and specify a number in Settings

1.20 -
• Auto set of language for widget.. though you can still hard set a language in Config.js if you wish to go against your phone language settings
• Solved the widget breaking in Indonesia and Vietnam - timestring format issues
• Added three new languages to translation.js: Croatian, Vietnamese and Indonesian
• Added translation for moonphases FINALLY after 8 years.
• New variable in Config_extra.js you can set it for abbreviated moonphases too for smaller boxes in your mods
• Loads of spacing problems with hourly forecast and daily that were just never dealt with in the upgrade to XH2 and slightly adjusted for when you add date suffix, etc (all settable in Config_extra.js)
• More unique additions for AnimationOnly mode
• More implementation of Resource Pack stuff.
• More Font enhancecment for modder and users (a new Vietnamese-friendly font added)
• Cleaned up many positional issues in Style_Simple.css and Style_Top.css that were neglected in the move to v2.

1.01 -
• Lots of foreign language translation updates other minor bug fixes

1.00 -
• Initial Release


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